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Year in Review from The Practitioner

Practitioner-banner11-2012The Practitioner2012 has been a transformative year for The Practitioner. We have gone from a quarterly to weekly publication, restructured the format to include single guest contributors, research reports, interviews with thought leaders, in depth articles, and interactive features. As you also surely have noticed, we have given it a complete makeover to produce a more visually compelling and useful resource for practitioners. As you enjoy time with your family and reflect on the past year, we would like to invite you to look back on some of the most popular issues of The Practitioner in 2012. Interestingly, these issues represent a mix of content, including articles, guest blogs, our Media Watch series, and more. Thank you to the many contributors who have helped make The Practitioner a success in 2012!

Managing Complexity: Coaches and Advisors

In this issue, Christin McClave joined us as a guest contributor. With her unique perspective, having worked both inside and outside her own family business, she offered insights into how consultants and coaches might work together to deal with the complicated and interconnected issues of family enterprises.

Read the issue here

Rethinking our Role(s) as Practitioners

This issue was filled with “brain candies,” to quote FFI Brussels 2012 conference keynote Rene Boender! Editor Henry Krasnow gave voice to the concerns many of us have as both practitioners and business people about how to position and market (or “sell”) ourselves in a competitive marketplace. Krasnow’s introduction was a perfect lead in to Dave Specht’s article, which takes the reader, by way of analogy, on a journey to rethink how we might see and value our work.

Read the issue here

Interview with FFI Chair, Mark Evans

Our interview with Mark Evans was the first in our interview series. We were given a great deal of historical insight into how Mark entered the field, his own dedication to professional education, and his tenure in various leadership roles within FFI prior to being named Chair. He also spoke candidly about what he sees as the future of both the organization and the field of family enterprise.

Read the issue here

Media Watch

The Media Watch series takes current research, news, and latest thinking in the core disciplines of Behavioral Science, Finance, Law and Management Science, and connects them the field of family enterprise. In this popular August 29th issue, a wide range of topics were covered, from a Johns Hopkins and Cornell University research study on how social rejection fosters creativity to some of the latest trends in investing using spend down foundations.

Read the issue here

Sustaining the Field, the Families and the Future

This issue featured an article by Kirby Rosplock discussing GenSpring’s Sustaining the Family Enterprise Study. Researchers invited over 800+ participants resulting in a sample of 93 individuals whose combined net worth exceeds $20 billion. The study is filled with compelling statistics about family meetings, shareholder agreements, and entrepreneurial orientation. This article was and continues to be a must read for practitioners and researchers.

Read the issue here

Happy Holidays,

The Practitioner

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