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In this week’s installment of our Media Watch series, the first of the new year, The Practitioner is looking to the future and how it will impact three of our core disciplines.

First up in our Media Watch series this week is news of a book that will interest and enlighten. Good Derivatives: A Story of Financial and Environmental Innovation takes the reader through the history and use of financial innovation, and includes a video interview with the author, Richard Sandor, who is called the “father of financial futures.

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To watch a CNBC interview with the author, click here.

To purchase the book from, click here.

Behavioral Science

The Practitioner next includes a study from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) on how marketers are exploiting secrets of the living brain. Called “neuromarketing,” this new look at how consumers choose and value products as well as vendors, also asks the question: “what are the ethical questions surrounding the future of a new kind of consumer manipulation?” A video report is also included.

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A recent article from the New York Times, Why You Won’t Be the Person You Expect to Be, explores a Harvard-based research project that challenges  the idea that many people think it is hard to change from who they were at earlier stages of their lives. The behavioral science researchers interviewed for the story have found the opposite to be true, that most of us “underestimate how much we will change in the future.”

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View the video interview here


Due to a declining birth rate in Japan, many family enterprises are taking a unique legal approach to guarantee the line of succession by adopting young adult men  into the family. In addition, specialized marriage brokers find men who will marry the daughter in the family, take her name and take over the business.

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Coming up next week: David Bentall and Peter Vaughn’s article, Reaching for Greater Heights: Collaborations between a family business advisor and a family therapist.

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