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In this issue, the Practitioner studies the four buckets holding our core disciplines.

The Practitioner

Behavioral Science:

The New York Times tells us, “Why Innovators Get Better With Age.” The graying of America’s most active innovators benefits all of us at many levels.

Read the article here. 


In the United Kingdom, an article explains how “Family firms defy downturn as generation game fuels profits.”

Read the article here. 

Management Science:

In an Asian family enterprise “Due diligence [is] the key to family office success.” An excellent resource article for advisors/consultants.

Read the article.


From Australia comes the article, “Logging off for life: Testators should plan carefully for the post-mortem management of digital assets,” valuable reading for all businesses, but especially family firms; where the protection of digital assets at the death of a [family] member involved in the business can be of paramount importance.

Read the article here.

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The Practitioner

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