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The PractitionerIncluded in this week’s “Blog on Blogs” we feature posts from Cisco Systems, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, European Business Reivew, Social Enterprise Today and US News & World Report.

Wealth management firms are investing in new collaborative technologies that support their business model transformation from client transactions to client interactions.

Read it here: Next Generation Wealth Management: Mobile Technology Enhances the Customer Experience

What happens when the advisor picks up a second role in the family business engagement as conflict manager?

Read it here: The Anti-Antagonist: Family Business Advisor as Conflict Manager

Family business succession is a complicated endeavor. This blog reports on a cooperative study by a consulting firm on the issue.

Read it here: First Look: Developing A New Map For Effective Business Succession in Family Businesses

This blog focuses on how content, community and collaboration contribute to the new model of social business.

Read it here: The Three C’s of Social Business

A blog on how working in the family business can be an advantage when applying to and attending business school.

Read it here: Move from Family Business to B-School

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The Practitioner

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