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TED Talks for Practitioners


The Practitioner

This week’s issue of The Practitioner features the favorite TED Talks of leading members of the Family Firm Institute as these talks relate to the practice of advising, consulting and study in the family enterprise field.

What’s your favorite TED Talk? Add your comments below.

EastJennifer East, ONIDA Family Advisors Inc., Toronto, Canada, FFI board member, CFBA

Talk: Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Why she likes it: “I like Sheryl Sandberg’s talk that became the basis for her new book Lean In.  Especially important for young women growing up in family businesses.”

Hilburt-DavisJane Hilburt-Davis, Key Resources, Cambridge, MA, FFI Fellow, FFI president emeritus

Talk: Stephen Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

Why she likes it: “Integrates many of my interests: evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, innovation, group/team development, and change theory, developing the ides of ‘liquid networks’ and ‘the slow hunch.’ ’’

Leach_peterPeter Leach, Peter Leach & Partners, London, England: FFI Fellow and GEN faculty member

Talk: Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Why he likes it: “This is a topic rarely addressed by advisors, let alone families — and when vulnerability is discussed it’s usually thought of as weakness.”

maderaMichael Madera, Madera Partners Consulting, Boston, MA: CFBA and GEN faculty member

Talk: Bruce Feiler: Agile Programming – for your family

Why he likes it: “I love this one that takes insights from cutting edge business practices and shows how applying them to families leads to much happier interactions.”

salazar, guillermo NEWGuillermo Salazar, Akro-Advisors, Miami, FL: FFI board member, CFBA, Practitioner Editorial Board

Talk: Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action (subtitled in Spanish)

Why he likes it: “This video really has a direct application on how, as an advisor or consultant, to deliver your service to your clients in an inspirational way.”

SharmaPramodita Sharma, FBR editor, University of Vermont, GEN faculty, FFI Fellow

Talk: Eric Whitacre: Virtual Choir Live (and other talks)

Why she likes it: “Down to earth, inspirational, combines talent on multiple dimensions, beyond world class!”

Thomas_JillJill Thomas, University of Adelaide, Australia: FFI vice chair

Talk: Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement

Why she likes it: “I like this talk regarding leadership, change and risk. Many lessons there but it highlights that to get change going maybe we just focus on finding that ‘nut’ to follow us and, voila, others may too!”

Meanwhile, back to the Practitioner’s opinions!

Talk: Sir Ken Robinson: How to Escape Education’s Death Valley

Why the Practitioner likes it: “FFI introduced Ken Robinson’s thinking on creativity and education into the family enterprise field at the 2001 global conference in London – before he was knighted, before he was famous, and before he had the most-watched TED talk in history – viewed by over 200 million people in 150 countries!”

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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