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Top things you should stop saying to your clients


The Practitioner

In this week’s issue, the Practitioner takes a look at terms and language connected with family enterprise advising, highlighting some overdone buzzwords from 2012 and suggesting that mid-way through 2013, these words should be history. (To use a buzzword phrase itself!)

From the world of management science and Thought The 50 worst management buzzwords. We’re hoping none of these sound familiar!

Read it here

From the business world and The 10 most useless business buzz words. Hope you’ve already dropped “leverage” and “synergize” from your vocabulary! (This one is pretty funny!)

Read it here

Just in case you’re advising next gen clients on how to develop their resumes, here is the WSJ’s take on “words to ban” from resumes in 2013!

Read it here

From the world of project management and 5 buzzwords they think you should know in 2013 – hope they are in your vocabulary!

Read it here

From the legal sphere, the Canadian Bar Association’s look at Six Words in Search of a Context.

Read it here

And…from the tech world and Global Language Monitor: Top Tech Buzzwords Everyone Uses but Don’t Quite Understand (2013): ‘Big Data’and ‘Dark Data.’ A heads up from the Practitioner –“the cloud” is OUT!

Read it here

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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