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October has been a good month for the Practitioner! First the great FFI conference in San Diego, then the Red Sox in the World Series, and now…Halloween!

If you were lucky enough to be in San Diego earlier this month, you heard the amazing Joshua Cooper Ramo talk on his book, The Age of the Unthinkable. A tour de force to say the least. Ramo, who lives in New York City and Beijing,  is the Managing Director of Kissinger Associates. Would you like to know what Henry Kissinger thought of this book? Go here.

One of Ramo’s contributions to understanding the postmodern economy is the concept of “inside economies.” He didn’t address this topic in San Diego, but go here for an in-depth interview with Fortune entitled “Global Economy Goes Backward.”

Back to Boston, headquarters for FFI, where all the talk is the Red Sox who are up 3 to 2 in the World Series going into tonight’s game! Since Sports models are often used to discuss leadership styles in business, we thought this was the perfect time to consider one using baseball. Read the article here.

Short version: be flexible and adapt, match talent to its environment, constantly evaluate underlying principals, rely on scouting

And another…Timeless Leadership Lessons from Baseball!

And then….there’s Halloween! If you missed Gerry Donnellan’s blog and article on Family Secrets and Ghosts,” (October 8, 2013), watch the video of the full presentation in San Diego with Patricia Annino of Prince Lobel Tye. This and all videos from the recorded sessions are available on the FFI website here.

So…that’s it for October!

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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