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Listen and Learn: 5 Podcast Interviews


The Practitioner

This week’s edition includes five podcasts featuring the authors of provocative articles recently published in the Family Business Review.

Alex Stewart of Marquette University discusses the provocative 2013 Best FBR Article award winner, “Why Can’t a Family Business Be More Like a Nonfamily Business? Modes of Professionalization in Family Firms.”

Listen to the podcast here: 

Emma Su of the Asian Family Enterprise Forum in British Columbia, Canada discusses her article, “How Does Knowledge Sharing Among Advisors From Different Disciplines Affect the Quality of the Services Provided to the Family Business Client? An Investigation From the Family Business Advisor’s Perspective.”

Listen to the podcast here: 

Ritch Sorenson of the University of St. Thomas talks about the family business landscape, elaborating further on “The Landscape of Family Business Outcomes: A Summary and Numerical Taxonomy of Dependent Variables.”  This article received a 2013 honorable mention for the FBR best article award.

Listen to the podcast here: 

Carlo Salvato of Bocconi University expands on the implications of “Transitional Leadership of Advisors as a Facilitator of Successors’ Leadership Construction.”

Listen to the podcast here: 

Francesco Barbera of Stetson University and Tim Hasso of Queensland University of Technology discuss the question posed in  “Do We Need to Use an Accountant? The Sales Growth and Survival Benefits to Family SMEs.”

Listen to the podcast here: 

The host for all these podcasts is Karen Vinton, FBR assistant editor.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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