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Predictions for 2014


The Practitioner

The Practitioner brings you some around-the-world predictions for 2014 covering world economies, online education, social media and the ultimate litmus test – how close were the leading thinkers in 1964 to predicting the world in 2014!

Let’s start with The Economist. Here is what it is predicting for 2014:

And then there is online education – near and dear to the Practitioner’s heart:

And Social Media and Digital Marketing – next in line for the Practitioner’s affections:

And…if you were in San Diego for the FFI global conference or have been following our blogs with Joshua Cooper Ramo, you know we are interested in China, so…please look at this:

And finally…does everyone (anyone?) remember Isaac Asimov’s 1964 predictions about 2014?

Some things to think about!

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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