Trends in Family Enterprise

2013 in Review, Part I


The Practitioner

This week’s Practitioner features the Five Most Popular Articles and the Most Read Interview in 2013. In the course of the year The Practitioner published 15 articles, 18 blogs, 12 FBR-related issues and a number of interviews.

Top 5 Articles:

Love may not keep us together: Working collaboratively to advise family firms
by David Bentall and Peter Vaughan
In this article, Canadian family business advisor and FFI member David Bentall and family therapist Peter Vaughan give us several brief case studies that look at the synergy that exists in collaborations between a family business advisor and a family therapist. They note that there are six major instances when an advisor should call in a family therapist to work in tandem with him or her on client issues. This melding of professional advisor and family therapist can be powerful, enjoyable, and innovative.

King Lear’s Fool: The role of advisors

by Dean Fowler
In this article, Dean Fowler encourages collaboration among professionals, but also argues for the individual consultant to gain mastery in an area other than his or her field of origin.

How Coaching and Consulting Work Together to Complete the Puzzle of Sustainable Change

by Carmen Lence
This article by Carmen Lence looks at the symbiotic relationship between coaching and consulting.

The Benefits of Rest, Reprieve, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation

by John Lanier
Two types of stress punctuate personal experience. Eustress (pleasant or curative stress) is inspirational and motivational. Distress destroys. Work-life balance depends on a manageable mix between the two and mismanagement has serious consequences. The clients with whom the distressed professionals interact may detect the symptoms before the advisor/consultant does.

Fighting for the Crown: The father/son relationship in first generation family enterprises

by Moveed Fazail
This article focuses the age-old topic of father/son relationships in first generation family enterprises. Using the Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins 1994 film Legends of the Fall as a frame of reference, Moveed Fazail explores how advisors can bridge gaps and help manage the understandable points of conflict in this very common scenario.

Most Read Interview:
US Public Policy and Family Enterprise: An Interview with CEO Jeff Ahola
This interview with Jeff Ahola, CEO of The Ahola Corporation, a family-owned, national payroll and workforce management company that provides tools and resources for family enterprises explores definitions of family business in terms of public policy issues.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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