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Meanwhile… back in Boston

The PractitionerIt’s been awhile since you’ve heard directly from The Practitioner — thanks to the active participation of so many friends and colleagues in this weekly ejournal. But this week, The Practitioner is back with some favorite topics and what others think about them.

From Procrastination to Running, this blog from The Practitioner touches on core topics and new ideas from with wider worlds of behavioral and management science and the intersection of the two.

Procrastination — so much fun! And… maybe good for you. Read “Is It Time for Active Procrastination” by Anna Abramowski of City University, London

Big Data — is it really possible to have too much information? Listen to Tom Davenport of Babson College discuss this topic.

The Brain — or, why do we really love The Beatles? Read “Love, Love Medulla: The Neuroscience of Beatlemania” on Brain Babble: Unraveling neuroscience research and FAQs — without the jargon.

Or… for a more “heady” approach, listen to MIT’s Otto Scharmer from Davos  on “What You Can Do For A Few Hours Each Day To Revolutionize Your Brain” — apparently changing the brain through listening is faster than we thought! Check out downloading, factual, empathetic and generative  listening as organizing principles.

Meanwhile…back in Boston — it’s Marathon time! (April 21 to be exact)

Why do we run? Here and everywhere in the world and throughout history. (Those of you at the San Diego conference last year remember that two of the keynote speakers, Drs. Sapolsky and Rivier, touched on this topic.)

No answers from The Practitioner, who likes to run for mostly shortly distances, but if you missed it when it first came out, don’t miss Born to Run now. Recently listed in Amazon’s new curated list of 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, it will get your heart pumping.

Stay tuned next week for another issue of The Practitioner.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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