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Thoughts from Washington, DC

The PractitionerThis week’s edition highlights thought provoking presentations and case studies from family enterprise members at the annual global conference of the Family Firm Institute held last week in Washington, DC.

Thought Provoking

Perhaps no presentation in DC was more thought provoking than the closing keynote by French sociologist Dominique Moïsi on “The Geopolitics of Emotion: How cultures of fear, humiliation, and hope are reshaping the world.” This is not a presentation for the faint-hearted. Sobering, yet inspiring.

Following very closely on Moïsi’s heels is “Rise of the Extremophiles: How family enterprises can survive and thrive in complex operating environments” given by Devin DeCiantis and Ivan Lansberg. How can family businesses manage complex operational risks when their environment includes dangerous levels of country risk?

Presentations from Family Enterprise Members

Crucial to the practitioner’s understanding of the field is the data, information and insight provided by the family enterprise members themselves.



Of course there was much more, so go here for additional video presentations.

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