Case Studies / Education / Family Enterprise

Family Enterprises Cases

The PractitionerThis week’s Practitioner focuses on cases and ways they are being used in the field by educators and practitioners as they work with and study family enterprises around the world.

One of the most commonly used casebooks in the university setting is Ernesto Poza and Mary Daugherty’s book, Family Business with 20 cases for use in the academic or  consulting setting.

Analyzing Family Business Cases: Tools and Techniques.” This landmark article shows how careful application of appropriate tools will deepen understanding of the core issues being faced by a decision maker and assist in the development of effective and actionable recommendations.

Cases from The Practitioner: see what cases your colleagues have written for this weekly ejournal. Topics include KPI’s, Community Foundations, Shareholder Value, Working Collaboratively and Palliative Care.

Can you make a case for competing? Check out University of Vermont’s annual Global Family Enterprise Case Competition coming this January

Watch a sneak preview of the newly recorded famous (or infamous!) Joe Henry case taught in the FFI Global Educating (GEN) certificate courses to see how one family deals with conflict – not well – and how the consultant helps – quite a bit actually! But not until Scene 5. Hard case!

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