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Constellations – Part III

The Practitioner

The third in a series on “constellations in family enterprise,” these three articles are grouped under the subtopic of “Next Generation and Succession.” Thanks to authors Joshua Nacht, Steve Legler and Fran Lotery for committing to this series.

  • Go here for Joshua Nacht’s article, “Practitioners and the Role of the Family Champion” in which the author explains the novel concept of “family champions,” how they emerge in the family business and how the family business practitioner can enhance their role.
  • Go here for Steve Legler’s article, “Is Being Ready, Willing and Able Enough?” in which the author shares his perspective on how the rising generation may not only need to be ready, willing and able, but also adaptable and realistic to the succession process.
  • Go here for Fran Lotery’s article, “Position Open: Chief Collaboration Officer (COO)” in which the author presents the Foster family case study and discusses merits of practitioners taking on the COO role in order to help families and their advisors move from being reactive to proactive in transitions.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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