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Most Read Practitioner Articles (July – December 2014)

The Practitioner

In our last issue of the year, we are pleased to feature the most popular issues from July-December as well as the 10 most popular issues since The Practitioner began publishing.

July-December 2014


Top 10 2012-2014

10. To Lie Down on the Couch: Thoughts on psychology, leadership and business schools by Ricardo Mejia
9. An Interview with Jay Hughes
8. A Cautionary Tale: Lessons from the Inferno by L. Mitchell Vandiver III
7. The Evolving Context of Family Enterprise Consulting in the Caribbean by Michael O’Neal
6. Family Advantage: Why all the doom and gloom by Lloyd Steier
5. Governance as Evolution: The consequences of mega trends on family business governance by Alexander Koeberle-Schmid et al
4. Balancing Personality Traits: Capitalizing on the strengths of our “true self”  by Lucía Ceja Barba
3. Alternative to Private Equity: Partnering with the family office by François de Visscher
2. A Triple Requirement for Family Businesses by Sylvain Daudel
1. Evolution in Thinking About Generational Transition in Family Enterprises by Pramodita Sharma

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

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