Trends in Family Enterprise

New Year/Leap Year

The Practitioner

The Practitioner begins the New Year with some intellectual leaps occasioned by 2016’s being a Leap Year.

Concepts of the family
The January 1, 2016 change in China’s one child to a two-child policy has major implications for the region, global economies, individuals, and of course for family enterprises, particularly around succession and transition topics. Go here for an overview.

FFI member Jeremy Lu, CFBA, CFWA, has written “Family Business Successor Types ((传承人格), which was published in Chinese in China this summer and explores the impact of succession planning on the single child family.

For another look at concepts of the family go here for the FBR article and Précis “Agency, Stewardship, and the Universal-Family Firm: A Qualitative Historical Analysis,” which explores the concept of the non-bloodline family.

Concepts of business
E-commerce and Bricks and Mortar get married – maybe on Leap Day, February 29. Go here for Inc. Magazine’s preview of this marriage.

Or…for a quick tour of leaps (and some tumbles) in the global economy in 2016 go here. Check out the map – it very much resembles the analysis provided by Hans Rosling at the FFI London conference.

Concepts in education
Maybe 2016 will be a year to leap forward in the education of girls and women. Go here for information on an international conference in Washington DC on this topic, featuring a keynote by Nuria Chinchilla from IESE, a Spanish business school with a number of members in FFI.

Or revisit the inspiring conference keynote given by Peter Buffet in 2014 to discover what his NoVo Foundation is doing to advance the social and emotional learning of girls.

These are just a few of the leaps The Practitioner wishes could be made in the field of family enterprise in 2016 – and topics we hope to explore in the next 50 weeks!

  • Revisiting old concepts and understanding new concepts of the family
  • Celebrating the marriage of e-commerce to Bricks and Mortar
  • Following emerging economies and their potential for family enterprise
  • Focusing on the education of girls, especially in emerging economies, to create new generations of enlightened, differentiated and empowered family business members


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