Family Business

Things that will disappear!

While many people like to look forward to things that will occur in a new year, The Practitioner thought it would be fun to focus on things that will disappear! If not this year, then soon. See what you think.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

Things that will disappear!

  • Given the theme of the 2017 FFI conference, Family Business: Electrifying, we could not resist this one. The incandescent light bulb.But don’t let that discourage you from submitting a proposal for this conference. There are many other ways to shed light on a topic – proposal deadline extended through midnight January 13, Eastern Time.
  • Passwords. So happy to see these go. Being replaced by biometric security. We’re even working on this one for the FFI website – honestly.
  • The debate over the value of online education – it’s here to stay. According to these participants from the World Economic Forum, 80% of young people across the globe have taken an online course. So if you don’t have an FFI certificate or if you know someone for whom online education is the way to go, please go to or email Brigett Owens for a demo.
  • And finally…from The Economist – here are some things NOT to expect from business markets in the coming year.


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