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Please see below for an invitation from The Practitioner Editorial Committee to write for the three special issues being planned on topics related to this year’s conference theme, Family Enterprise: Electrifying. In 2016, The Practitioner was pleased to have featured more than 80 writers from Canada, the Pacific Rim, Latin America, Middle East, UK/ Europe, and the United States. In 2017, we’d like to include YOU! Please read and respond to the invitation below from Committee co-chair Lanie Jordan.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

Dear Colleagues,

The Practitioner Editorial Committee is pleased to extend a call for submissions for the three Special Issues of The Practitioner this year. As in the past few years, the themes are related to the 2017 annual global conference theme, which this year is Family Enterprise: Electrifying.

The special issues will be published each Wednesday in May, September and November. The committee has chosen these sub-themes for your consideration.

  • Find the spark and alternate the current: What sparks creativity and innovation? How do we recognize the spark and cultivate new connections? How do we prevent short circuits? What are the causes of conflict and controversy in family enterprise? Where are the live wires? Where are the outages? How do we create or rewire the grid to more effectively channel these currents into power?
    April 1: Deadline for submissions for the May issue
  • Manage the grid and flip the switch: Where do we spend energy?  How do we find, create or harness new sources? How do we build the grid of the future? How do we plan for future sustainability while using current power sources? How do we recharge?  How do we act as a transformer to harness or regulate the voltage? How do we act as a generator in times of outage? What are the environmental risks? How do we avoid and recover from shocks?
    August 1: Deadline for submissions for the September issue
  • Shine the light: How do we ignite continuity and illuminate legacy? Where are the foundational currents? What does the future grid look like? How do we identify and cultivate a new generation of innovators, thinkers and futurists? How do we amp up? How do we generate change in the world?
    October 1: Deadline for submissions for the November issue

Your submission can take the form of an article (no more than 1500 words, please), a blog (no more than 600 words) or an interview conducted via podcast (no more than 10 minutes, please).

Want a little inspiration? Go here for an example of each format from last year:

Want some advice? Please contact the special issue editors – Asher Noor, May; Jamie Weiner, September; Lanie Jordan, November

Ready to go?   Please go here for more guidelines and to submit.

Looking forward to your enlightening thoughts!


Lanie Jordan

Co-chair, Editorial Committee


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