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Family Business: Electrifying (Part 1)

Stand by for five exciting weeks of articles, interviews and podcasts based on the conference theme – Family Business: Electrifying. Thanks to the editors and the authors for these thoughtful pieces. Below is an overview from the May issue editor, Asher Noor.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

Dear Colleagues,

This week’s Practitioner debuts the five-part special issue series in May, during which we will bring you articles and interviews that help “find the spark and alternate the current.”

This inaugural issue includes three articles that tackle the live wires embedded in creativity, conflict and governance.

  • Jane Beddall, in “Harnessing the Power of Being Heard,” shares powerful solutions and ideas for fire-fighting the sparks emanating from conflict and how to flip the conflict switch from negative to positive.
  • Marion McCollom Hampton and Nick Di Loreto’s, “Empty Structures Syndrome,” puts the spotlight on the fading energy in generational families and details incredibly practical ways that families can still re-energize their governance structures.
  • Iris Leibowitz has penned a thriller, “Defusing NextGen’s Explosive Expose,” that takes you to the scene where Joe Junior announces his creative intent to pen a family’s “tell-all.”

Please enjoy this issue.


Asher Noor
Practitioner Editorial Committee


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