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Family Business: Electrifying (Part 2)

Welcome to the second week of the Special Issue series based on the 2017 conference theme! Thanks to the authors and the co-chair of The Practitioner Editorial Committee, Lanie Jordan, for her introduction below.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

Dear Colleagues,

This is the second of the May five-part series on Family Business: Electrifying!

Special thanks to Dr. Ariel Sergio Goekmen, LL.M., member of the executive board for Schroder & Co Bank AG, Zürich for his contribution entitled “Live Wires in the Family Enterprise.” Dr. Goekmen introduces us to a case study of a family struggling with the founder’s debilitating health crisis. He gives us a glimpse into the many issues that a lack of planning can cause and discusses some unique solutions that advisors can provide.

We welcome Cindy Radu, partner with BDO Canada LLP, who shares her unique perspective on “Short Circuiting in Succession Planning.” She describes three common short circuits in succession planning and suggests ways advisors can provide unique solutions and help their clients avoid the traps and biases that they often face during the succession planning process.


Lanie Jordan, co-chair
Practitioner Editorial Committee


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