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Family Business: Electrifying (Part 3)

By now you shouldn’t be shocked (pun intended) by the interesting articles that are appearing in the May issue of The Practitioner. See below for Rodolfo Paiz’s introduction to week 3.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner

Dear Colleagues,

I’m delighted to introduce this week’s Practitioner as we continue our May five-part series on Family Business: Electrifying! on our journey to October and an amazing global conference in Chicago.

We start off this issue with the energy and light that result when the Practitioner’s own Lanie Jordan interviews the Wealth Whisperers™, Jamie Weiner and Carolyn Friend. Their advice and comments about sparking powerful conversations and getting good communications going in families that feel stuck are a wonderful source of wisdom and a recommended read for any of us.

And, while we can all relate to the way a sudden attack of fear runs through the body like a jolt of electricity, making us shudder and giving us goosebumps, Kyle Danner in The Power of Fear on the Family Firm: Avoiding a power outage takes a deep dive into fear and its many facets, how to face it, and how to use it to our advantage when helping families and family businesses through each and every challenge.

Please enjoy this issue.


Rodolfo Paiz
The Practitioner Editorial Committee


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