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Most Read in Q2

The Practitioner hopes you’ve been enjoying this year’s Wednesday editions of blogs, articles, podcasts and interviews with and by your colleagues around the world. At the end of March we published the most read articles in Q1. Today we recap the most popular of the 20 offerings between April and June.

They are:

  1.  Lesson for Family Advisors: “Not all pain is harmful” by John Engels (May 24)
  2.  Succession: The multiple considerations of holistic planning by Glenn Murray (April 12)
  3.  Short Circuiting in Succession Planning by Cindy Radu (May 10)
  4.  Selling the Family Business? Set Up a Family Office First by Ashvini Chopra (June 28)
  5.  A tie between:
    Long Term Incentive Programs (LTIPs) and Family-Owned Business by Bruce Walton (June 7)Empty Structures Syndrome: Losing the energy that drives governance by Nick De Loreto and Marion McCollom Hampton (May 3)
Thanks to all the Q2 authors. If you would like to write for The Practitioner, please go here.

Yours in Practice,

The Practitioner


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