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Family Firm Institute

For over a quarter century, The Family Firm Institute (FFI) has been engaged in educating, connecting, and inspiring professionals who serve family enterprises. FFI is the leading association worldwide for family enterprise professionals and the organization of choice for the advisors, consultants, educators, and researchers who help perpetuate trans-generational family business wealth. In adopting a multidisciplinary and genuinely global perspective, FFI understands family enterprise as a fundamental driver of global economic growth, prosperity, and stability.

For its global network of professionals, educators, researchers, and family business owners, FFI provides opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary educational programs and earn professional designation; enables collaboration at conferences, seminars and online; and creates a single space for interaction, cross-pollination of ideas, expertise and perspectives to further the field of family enterprise.

FFI’s mission is to be the trusted resource, advancing the field of family enterprise.

Professionals, educators and researchers as well as family business owners from more than 88 countries across the globe (almost half of all nations) belong to FFI. Together they create the oldest and most prestigious multidisciplinary professional association for family enterprise in the world.

Lawyers have Bar Associations, Physicians have Medical Associations, Family Enterprise Professionals have FFI.

Learn more about becoming a member, taking a course, earning a Certificate in Family Business (CFBA) or Family Wealth Advising (CFWA), attending a conference or regional event at