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We hope you’ve been enjoying the articles published in FFI Practitioner so far this year.

In this week’s edition of FFI Practitioner, Jack Troast shares lessons on negotiation that he’s developed over his 25-year career as a mediator and family enterprise advisor.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Doug Gray, for providing an overview of a model that can help your family enterprise clients negotiate emotional topics.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Sajjad Hamid, for his article exploring digital tools that family enterprise advisors can use to expand their practice.

This week we are pleased to introduce a series of guest curated FFI Practitioner articles.

In this week’s issue of FFI Practitioner, Matthew Erskine considers the ways that a prenuptial agreement can be an effective tool for family enterprises not only to protect family assets, but to articulate their philosophy and vision for the family’s future.

This year is the 300th anniversary of notable economist and philosopher Adam Smith’s birth.

Thanks to the FFI Asian Circle Virtual Study Group and Linda Salim for this week’s edition featuring mini-cases on succession planning in three Chinese-Indonesian family enterprises with lessons for advisors around the world.

In today’s turbulent world, family enterprise owners must become more agile to keep up with increasing rate of change.

This week, FFI Practitioner is pleased to share an article by Vlad Barbieri and Fernanda Brasil about how advisors can approach a challenging scenario: when a family enterprise client determines that the best course of action is for the owners to separate.

In this issue of FFI Practitioner, we are pleased to feature reflections of Jack Wofford, the recipient of the 2022 FFI Interdisciplinary Award.

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