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Thanks to Brett Coffman for this week’s edition discussing “B Corps” and how related assessments may provide your family enterprise clients a framework to codify family values around a set of corporate principles that relate to discussions of social responsibility.

This week, we are pleased to publish the first précis of the 2021 Applied Research Board.

Thanks to Shelley Taylor, a family business advisor and family council chair for her own family business, for describing her family’s experience hosting its first virtual family meeting.

This week we are pleased to feature a collection of articles by faculty members for the FFI Global Education Network (GEN) advanced courses.

Thanks to Steven Rolfe for this week’s edition about the importance of recognizing the impacts that a family business leader’s personal life crisis can have on the entire enterprise. In his article, Steven shares two examples and his reflections for practitioners to consider when their clients are confronted with such a scenario.

Thanks to Vijay Sathe, Alfredo Enrione, Donna Finley for this week’s edition, which is a case study about how five sisters, who suddenly and unexpectedly inherited their father’s businesses, and how they dealt with the influence of two executors to reach harmonious ownership of the family enterprise.

Thanks to Matthew Erskine for this week’s issue discussing the most important steps that family offices and their clients can take to mitigate risk to clients’ collections of art and other collectibles.

As we embark upon a new year for FFI Practitioner, we are pleased to share a letter about the year ahead from our Managing Editor, Dan Frosh.

As 2020 comes to a close, you can take a look back at the FFI Practitioner “year that was” by going to — where you will find all 50 issues.

Thanks to FFI Fellow Guillermo Salazar, a member of the FFI Iberoamérica Virtual Study Group, for this article that explores the relationship between the hero archetype and storytelling in family enterprises.

In this week’s edition of FFI Practitioner, author John Canady examines how donor-advised funds (DAFs) can provide enterprising families an alternative to establishing a family foundation to accomplish their philanthropic objectives.

Thank you to FFI Fellow Ed van de Vijver for this week’s article on the importance of developing a family enterprise ownership strategy that is aligned with the family financiers’ objectives.

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