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FFI Practitioner: February 21, 2024 cover

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This week we are pleased to continue our series of guest-curated FFI Practitioner articles with Donald Neubaum, editor of Family Business Review. Thanks to Don for sharing his selection of editions about guiding family enterprises through leadership transitions.



Family enterprise leaders are constantly concerned about transitions. Family enterprise advisors can play a crucial, collaborative role in guiding clients through leadership transitions–and of course, the complex dynamics of multigenerational transition provide ample opportunities for research in the articles of Family Business Review. The following four FFI Practitioner articles offer unique insights into the transition processes that family firms face, providing important advice on how to successfully navigate this difficult process.



Evolution in Thinking About Generational Transition in Family Enterprises

By Pramodita Sharma

The first article argues that generational transition in family businesses may take a variety of successful forms beyond the common “family firm survival” metric. Successful enterprising families can follow several paths to create value and wealth over generations.




Generational Transfer Models

By Leonardo Glikin

Leonardo Glikin’s article introduces five generational transfer models identified by the authors in their research of 100 Argentine and Paraguayan firms. It discusses each model and presents evidence on the conditions for success and effectiveness of each. This article, part of a series of bilingual editions by members of the IberoAmérica Virtual Study Group, was published in both English and Spanish.




To Empower Members of the Next Generation, We Need to Answer Their Questions

By Peter Jaskiewicz, Sabine Rau, and Katrina Barclay

The third article notes that misunderstandings across generations can lead to difficult or unsuccessful transitions. The authors present a series of questions senior leaders need to ask next gens in an effort to understand, and better align, the goals and values of all members of enterprising families.




How to Keep a Business Family Alive: Families that Fuel Next Generation Family Business Leaders

By Sabine Rau, Peter Jaskiewicz, and James Combs

The final article presents four successful succession strategies witnessed in twenty-one multi-generational German wineries. These four strategies differ in how decisions are made, how the next generation is raised, and how succession processes followed, yet all led to successful transitions and ensured the continuation of the family business.



About the Contributor

Donald Neubaum headshot

Donald Neubaum, PhD, is a DeSantis Distinguished Professor in Management and Entrepreneurship at Florida Atlantic University. His research interests include issues of ownership and governance, and in particular, how they relate to innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, family businesses, and ethics/social responsibility. He can be reached at [email protected].

FFI Practitioner: February 21, 2024 cover

View this edition in our enhanced digital edition format with supporting visual insight and information.