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Last week we looked to the future with FFI Futurenaut-in-Residence Mark Stevenson. Today, like Janus, we look in another direction to reflect on the work of 20th century psychiatrist (and futurist!) Murray Bowen.

What better way to welcome the New Year than with an interview with the FFI Futurenaut-in-Residence, Mark Stevenson.

As 2021 is coming to close, we’re taking a look back at the year that was for FFI Practitioner. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading and listening to the many editions that we’ve published this year.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Kim Schneider Malek, for her précis of “Over My Dead Body”: Wives’ Influence in Family Business Succession.”

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Eva Wathén, for her article examining factors that contribute to family business owners’ resilience.

Non-family executives play an important role in a family enterprise – they bring valuable external professional experience to the business and have a unique vantage point of the enterprising family’s dynamics.

This week’s article concludes FFI Practitioner’s month-long series of editions dedicated to topics related to family offices.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Jim Coutre, for continuing FFI Practitioner’s November series of editions on topics related to the family office.

This week’s article continues FFI Practitioner’s November series on topics related to the family office. Thank you to Scott Peppet for this article that makes the case that effective family offices be invest more time and budget in enterprising families’ most important resource – the family.

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