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This week’s FFI Practitioner concludes a two-part overview by Matthew Erskine and Jonathan Wilson about the Corporate Reporting Act and its impact on family enterprises.

This week we are pleased to continue our series of guest curated FFI Practitioner articles with Paul Andrews, editor of Family Business United.

This week, FFI Practitioner is pleased to share a second article by Ken McCracken in honor of the 300th anniversary of the birth of economist and philosopher, Adam Smith.

Thank you to this week’s contributors, Matthew Erskine and Jonathan Wilson, for providing an overview of the Corporate Reporting Act, which is scheduled to take effect in the US in the beginning of 2024.

This week, Paolo Morosetti explores the complexities involved in the process of selecting the successor in a family enterprise and shares an approach to help your clients answer the fundamental question of whether to select an internal or external successor.

The FFI Practitioner podcast is pleased to host GEN Faculty member and FFI Fellow Francesco Barbera, discussing heterogeneity among family firms.

Thanks to the FFI Asian Circle Virtual Study Group and Yirhan Sim for this week’s edition that features a family enterprise case that demonstrates the challenges experienced by the “sandwich generation” through the transition to lead a family enterprise.

For this week’s FFI Practitioner podcast, we are pleased to host a conversation with GEN Faculty member and FFI Fellow Dennis Jaffe, Marta Widz, and Hakim Benbadra, to discuss models for managing conflict in enterprise families.

We hope you’ve been enjoying the articles published in FFI Practitioner so far this year.

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