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All complex systems will experience conflicts and conflicting relationships over time; these articles includes statistics, research and suggestions for advisors and consultants.

Points of significant change and transition in the life of a family business lead to predictable psychological reactions.

Conflict is a part of life — and of family enterprises Conflict is a broad and important topic. It’s an unavoidable part of life and of human interaction.

Transformation this article makes the claim that mediation, a private, voluntary and creative process, can be designed to effectively address and resolve conflict among family members engaged in family enterprise(s) and that mediation can be a transformative process.

According to statistics, 75% of current companies listed among America’s Top 500 won’t exist in 2027.

Family business stakeholders are smart. They know their business and their family better than any consultant ever will. They may have read many of the foundational books and articles on best practices for family business.

In this article GEN (Global Education Network) 501 faculty member Anthony Devine looks at three sources of conflict in the family business.

Have you ever found a family harmony myth in your family client? Probably we all meet these myths when working with our clients.