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These articles raise common legal issues confronting practitioners and discuss the practice of law as it pertains to attorneys working in the field of family enterprise.

You can find issues more uncomfortable than prenuptial agreements. But not many. For starters, people view prenups from amazingly different points of view.

Transformation this article makes the claim that mediation, a private, voluntary and creative process, can be designed to effectively address and resolve conflict among family members engaged in family enterprise(s) and that mediation can be a transformative process.

Business is all about the future. An entrepreneur takes an idea and makes it into a service or product that people will want, even need, for years to come.

Thanks to this week’s contributor Laurent Roux of Gallatin Wealth Management for his thoughtful and informative article on the Private Trust Company (PTC).

There was a time when a lawyer was considered the “consigliere” to the family and its business.

The 2015 FFI Global Conference theme of “myths and realities” provides an excellent opportunity to focus attention on how best to advise family enterprises for the long-term success of the family and the enterprise.

This week’s guest blog features a discussion of how and why the location of a trust established for US-based clients is critical.

Choosing a lawyer for a family enterprise engagement is not a simple matter. In advising family enterprises, lawyers play at least 13 roles, involving different skills, experience, approaches and temperaments.

...advantages of an interdisciplinary collaboration when helping families create an integrated approach to the ownership of shared assets.

When it comes to trust and estate planning for family enterprises, prudent tax strategy is king.

Today’s blog entry and accompanying article bring you something different: a granular investment idea that advisors can bring to their clients.

Having a clear picture of your core demographic isn’t just a golden rule in advertising; it’s also an important piece of information in advising family enterprises.

Let’s face it: when it comes to litigating a family business dispute, a lawsuit can be a trial!

In the movies, we see it time and time again–the slick Wall Street villain committing the hostile corporate takeover of a do-good company, placing a closely-held family-owned business at risk of dissolution.