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Family Office

Observations, wisdom and models of organization and governance for single and multi-family offices.

Thank you to FFI Asian Circle Virtual Study Group member Andre Loh for this article exploring the nuances of family office governance within the Asian context, offering insights into a model that contextualizes corporate governance principles while aligning with the unique dynamics of Asian business families.

Today, we’re featuring an interview and a podcast with Dirk Junge, former CEO and Executive Chairman of the Pitcairn board, and Leslie Voth, currently Chairman, CEO and President of Pitcairn.

According to this week’s contributor, Jim Coutre of Fidelity Family Office Services, in order to create better family offices, practitioners must be honest about what (or who) may be holding the family office back from delivering the highest value to their clients.

This week’s article concludes FFI Practitioner’s month-long series of editions dedicated to topics related to family offices.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Jim Coutre, for continuing FFI Practitioner’s November series of editions on topics related to the family office.

This week’s article continues FFI Practitioner’s November series on topics related to the family office. Thank you to Scott Peppet for this article that makes the case that effective family offices be invest more time and budget in enterprising families’ most important resource – the family.

With today’s article, we introduce a month-long series on topics related to the family office. Today’s issue features an interview with Tania Neild by FFI Fellow and board member Mary Duke.

The number of family offices established in Singapore has increased considerably over the past several years.

Thanks to Matthew Erskine for this week’s issue discussing the most important steps that family offices and their clients can take to mitigate risk to clients’ collections of art and other collectibles.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Jim Coutré, for continuing our series of articles by presenters at the virtual 2020 FFI Global Conference, October 26-28.

This week’s FFI Practitioner edition continues our series of articles written by members of the Editorial Committee. Thank you to Paul Chung, Jeremy Cheng, and Chin Chin Koh for this article examining the challenges confronting Asian families interested in establishing a single family office as well as practical advice for advisors navigating these family office challenges around the world.

This week’s FFI Practitioner edition addresses a topic of importance in the field of family enterprise – the family office. In addition to an article examining the history of the role of a family office executive by Annischka Holmes-Moncur, we are pleased to share four global perspectives on this topic as published earlier in FFI Practitioner.

When should a family begin to think about forming a family office and what factors should they consider when making this decision? Thank you to Iñigo Susaeta, this week’s contributor for continuing FFI Practitioner’s series of articles written in both English and Spanish by members of the FFI IberoAmerican Virtual Study Group.

Family offices have been following wealth. Historically, in Europe, private banking addressed most family issues. In the US, that concept followed the Titanic and did not cross the Atlantic that well.

Most businesses are cash guzzlers. They have liquidity cycles which usually define the remuneration structure — the way a family spends and lives its life.

Chinese business families are facing generational transitions, often subject to the curse of “wealth does not go beyond three generations.” In many of these entrepreneurial families, the business itself is a means to keep the entire family together.

Thanks to Iñigo Susaeta, general director of Arcano Family Office for his thoughts on the evolution of the family office in the Ibero-America region and how a movement toward more holistic models is emerging.

Iberoamerica ha sido en los últimos años una de las regiones de mayor crecimiento a nivel mundial gracias, entre otros factores, al buen hacer de sus empresarios y sus empresas.

Not many choose to be a professor, tax partner or an entrepreneur in their school essays querying aspirations.

The third feature this week is an audio interview with Adi Divgi on the topic of “collaborative procurement.” Adi is the president of EA Global – a single family office created in 2005. Interviewed by Practitioner editorial committee member, Kirby Rosplock.