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Practice Insights

We decided it was “about time” that we feature the inspiration for the 2024 quarterly Practitioner Time series!

Running against time—we’ve all done it! In this podcast, three marathon runners explore how time, discipline, generational pulls, and much more play out when running a race.

Nothing says “time” like history! In this article, historian Barnet Schecter explores the role of history for the family firm today.

Continuing our quarterly series on the 2024 FFI conference theme of “Mean Time: Time, Timing and Timeliness in Family Enterprise,” we are pleased to present a podcast interview the Emmanuel Mankura, an elder in the Maasai tribe.

We conclude our January series on Time with a podcast conversation with Anthony Willoughby, founder of the Nomadic School of Business, and Doutzen Groothof, a Dutch sociologist and coach who lives in Rwanda.

This issue, the third in our January series, is by Katelyn Husereau, a member of the 2024 Conference Program Committee.

Continuing our series on Time, we are pleased to present an article by Joseph Astrachan and Claudia Binz Astrachan.

The new year and the 2024 conference theme have happily conspired to make us think about time and timelessness in family enterprise advising and research.

One of the goals of FFI Practitioner is to engage the expertise of its readers in the annual FFI conference, held each October.

Among the most universal topics addressed by advisors is the need to improve communication practices of family enterprise clients.

FFI Practitioner is pleased to feature a podcast discussion with Neus Feliu, the recipient of the 2023 Richard Beckhard Practice Award.

FFI Practitioner is pleased to feature a podcast discussion with Doug Baumoel, the recipient of the 2023 FFI Interdisciplinary Award.

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host Adam Ifshin, CEO of DLC Management, and Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Professor of Management in the Grossman School of Business at the University of Vermont, in a conversation based on their upcoming session at the FFI Global Conference in New York, October 25-27.

In this week’s edition of FFI Practitioner, Ricardo Mejia shares his ruminations about the benefits of walking in nature to unleash creativity.

Thanks to FFI Fellow Guillermo Salazar for this thought-provoking reflection on “happiness” and how the concept of “dysfunction” can play out in the consulting process.

Thank you to this week’s contributor, Maria Milanetti, for her article that presents a simplified model for engaging family enterprise clients in an efficient strategic planning process.

The FFI Practitioner podcast is pleased to host Doug Gray, PhD, discussing the field of positive psychology, 360 assessments, and how both can help family enterprise advisors with their clients.

This week’s FFI Practitioner features four sessions to be presented at the October FFI global conference in New York.

The FFI Practitioner podcast is pleased to host GEN Faculty member and FFI Fellow Francesco Barbera, discussing heterogeneity among family firms.