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Technology & Cybersecurity

Technology as an enhancing or limiting feature in the development of the family enterprise and the interfaces with rising generations; how family companies can adapt quickly to technoloigcal changes in industries including cybersecurity.

Today’s edition kicks off a series of FFI Practitioner articles by members of the Editorial Committee.

Thank you to Núria Vilanova, this week’s contributor, for continuing FFI Practitioner’s series of articles written in both English and Spanish by members of the FFI IberoAmerican Virtual Study Group. In this week’s edition, Núria explores the themes of her recent book, which addresses the importance of family enterprises implementing a communication strategy that incorporates the family’s values.

Today’s Edition kicks off a month of FFI Practitioner articles based on the Global Conference theme – Family Business: Electrifying.

The concept of “Hypercompetition,”[1] which Richard D'Aveni, professor of business strategy at the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College, introduced in his book with the same title, is changing industries and business practices, especially management of family firms.

Thanks to Holly Isdale of Wealthaven and Lanie Jordan for this timely podcast on cyber safe families.

In the last of the February series of “Blogs from the Board,” Holly Isdale of Wealthaven advises advisors on how to prepare their clients for “digital death”.

In this issue The Practitioner is pleased to have a blog by FFI member and member of the Practitioner Editorial Board, Boris Matijas.

Joachim Vandaele: TrustedFamily was established with the objective of uniting families, and keeping them together.