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Articles exploring the cross-cultural dynamics of family companies from the perspectives of practitioners around the world.

Female entrepreneurship and leadership is gaining momentum in Asia. Asian female entrepreneurs create more and more wealth.

In India, family businesses range from small mom-and-pop stores to large conglomerates with equally varied business interests.

There will be few today who would not agree that family businesses are of chief importance in shaping the future of the MENA. This was not always the case, and only a decade ago perceptions were quite different.

The Arab world is a complex region. It is geographically, culturally, historically diverse, yet, from the outside, it is often perceived as a homogeneous region and stereotypes are applied across the board.

Puerto Rico is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean, located between North and South America where more family businesses successfully transfer ownership to the next generation than has been previously reported in the rest of the world.

Following on ten other articles on philanthropy this year, The Practitioner is pleased to present “Celebrating and Inspiring Philanthropy around the World” by Lenka Setkova.

The private sector in the Caribbean is comprised of a relatively small number of large multinational and national or regional firms, a larger number of medium-sized entities, and a preponderance of small/micro enterprises [1].