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Public Policy

How government policies concerning family enterprises worldwide affect the global economy.

Thanks to Patricia Soldano, founder of Policy and Taxation Group, for this week’s blog on the importance of family enterprises having a voice in promoting informed public policy conversations.

Thanks to Jim Hutcheson for this week’s blog on family business in the White House. The Practitioner loves the idea of looking at world leaders from this perspective.

Please enjoy this week’s blog on “How Are Family Businesses Having a Positive Impact on Society?” by Peter Englisch of the EY Global Family Business Center of Excellence.

“Family businesses in America generate 50% of the jobs, 64% of GDP and account for 61% of all privately owned businesses.

This week’s blog deals with competition – but not with the competitors you might imagine! The Practitioner loves competition! And even if you’re not a fan of sports, it’s hard to avoid the topic right now.

Thanks to this week’s blogger Mary Daugherty of the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas for another contribution to our myths and realities series.

The past three years have featured quite the roller coaster ride of federal tax policy, and advisors to high net worth families are wise to take note of recent action that has shifted the legal and financial landscape for their clients.

This blog by Caroline McLean, president of Family Enterprise – USA (FEUSA), describes the results of several years of FEUSA’s efforts to educate lawmakers. A survey for family enterprise owners to complete is linked.

Read our interview with Jeff Ahola, CEO of The Ahola Corporation, a family-owned, national payroll and workforce management company that provides tools and resources for family enterprises.