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This week’s Practitioner looks at four recent podcast interviews conducted by Family Business Review assistant editor Karen Vinton. She talks with leading thinkers in the field about the articles they have published in FBR this year.

The Effects of Goal Orientation and Client Feedback on the Adaptive Behaviors of Family Enterprise Advisors

Walter D. Davis and Clay Dibrell, both of the University of Mississippi, and Justin B. Craig of Northeastern University discuss their article on family enterprise advisors, co-authored by Family Firm Institute president Judy Green.

Listen to the podcast here:

How to Increase Job Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover Intentions in the Family Firm: The Family–Business Embeddedness Perspective 

Dmitry Khanin of Texas Tech University talks with assistant editor Karen Vinton about his article on the family business embeddedness perspective, co-authored by Ofir Turel of California State University, Fullerton, and Raj V. Mahto of the University of New Mexico.

Listen to the podcast here:

Is Nepotism Good or Bad? Types of Nepotism and Implications for Knowledge Management

Peter Jaskiewicz of the University of Alberta discusses his article on nepotism, co-authored by Klaus Uhlenbruck, David B. Balkin, and Trish Reay, and published in the June 2013 issue of FBR.

Listen to the podcast here:

Should My Spouse Be My Partner? Preliminary Evidence from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Dr. Gibb Dyer of Brigham Young University talks with assistant editor Karen Vinton of Montana State University about his paper on the effects of spousal involvement on family firm financial performance, co-authored by W. Justin Dyer of Brigham Young University and Richard G. Gardner of Texas A&M University.

Listen to the podcast here:

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