A Perspective from Paul Karofsky on Managing Change in Your Family Business Practice


Thanks to Paul Karofsky and Kirby Rosplock for this interview on managing change in your family business practice.


About the contributors

Paul KarofskyPaul Karofsky, Transition Consulting Group, is an FFI Fellow, former GEN faculty member, former FFI board member, recipient of the 1998 Barbara Hollander Award, and was co-chair of the Miami Program Committee for the 2016 Annual Global Conference. Paul can be contacted at [email protected].



Kirby Rosplock, an FFI Fellow and a member of The Practitioner Editorial Committee, is founder of Tamarind Partners. A fourth generation family business owner, board member, and co-trustee of her family’s foundation, she authored The Complete Family Office Handbook. Kirby can be reached at [email protected].