Knowing Your Target Audience

Having a clear picture of your core demographic isn’t just a golden rule in advertising; it’s also an important piece of information in advising family enterprises. I’m not talking about possessing a broad-stroked, ten-thousand foot understanding of family businesses at large. I’m talking about lawyers, accountants, consultants, and advisors really getting in there and drilling down to the inner-workings of their clients’ family group dynamics. Who really makes the key decisions? Who’s just acting as a figure head?

Today’s Guest Article contributor, attorney Henry Krasnow, has some unique thoughts on the perennial topic of who is – and can be – the client. His article, “How I Know My Client…or, Why I Can’t Represent a Family,” explores key questions in getting to know potential clients better – and offers his own opinions on parameters and pitfalls that should be considered by all family enterprise practitioners.

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 About the Contributor

Henry C. Krasnow is the author of Your Lawyer: An Owner’s Manual and partner at Krasnow Saunders Cornblath Kaplan and Beninati LLP. He has over forty years experience crafting solutions to legal problems that are focused on increasing the profitability of entrepreneurial and family businesses. He advises business owners on a broad range of problems, such as family business succession planning and dispute resolution, real estate development, sales and acquisitions of businesses, intellectual property protection, resolution of business disputes through litigation, arbitration, negotiation and mediation, and debt restructuring. An FFI Fellow and FFI Interdisciplinary Achievement Award winner, Henry also holds a certificate in Family Business Advising. Henry can be reached at[email protected].

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