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June 2012

Known as the “Age of Reptiles,” the Mesozoic geological era—lasting from 250 million years ago to 65 million years ago, saw pterodactyls, iguanodons and other scaly creatures meet their extinction–theoretically because of their inability to adapt to vacillating climate activities.

FFI research rocks! There’s simply no better way to characterize the cutting edge academic reportswe’ve been bringing our global members for years--most pointedly through our flagship scholarly journal,Family Business Review. Since 1988, FBR has provided multidisciplinary research on critical matters facing family enterprises—from workplace conflict resolution, to intergenerational business transfer, to trust and estate planning issues. Bear in mind: the family enterprise discipline is still in its relatively nascent stages, and the academic community has a lot to puzzle its way through. But based on the consistently high quality reports we’ve seen, there’s a wealth of

Guest Blogger: Andrew Keyt When preparing families for business succession planning,advisors often mistakenly narrow their focus to the single individual they deem most capable of running the business upon a CEO’s retirement. But to truly make sure families preserve their core values while maintaining strong corporate governance and sound strategic planning, advisors should make it their business togroom all next-generational family members for unique leadership positions. Since I began working with successors in 1997, I’ve seen first-hand how so many NextGen family members are ill-prepared to assume leadership roles. But this situation can be avoided