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Today we have new twist on an old topic — multidisciplinary advising! For more than 25 years the Practitioner has lobbied for this approach. Many family enterprises globally have agreed.

Karen Vinton’s Executive Summaries recap two articles from the June 2013 issue of FBR. In Is Nepotism Good or Bad? Types of Nepotism and Implications for Knowledge Management the authors look at two categories of nepotism, reciprocal and entitlement.

The Practitioner is pleased to bring you the first in a series of preview articles from the FBR September 2013 Special Issue on Advising Family Enterprise, co-edited by Trish Reay, University of Alberta, and W. Gibb Dyer, Brigham Young University.

In any family enterprise, the founders or senior members may doubt their decisions or the family may question their intentions.

These summaries of each article, as well as the articles themselves, serve as tip sheets for the practitioner facing challenges in an engagement. Please don’t forget to share these summaries with friends and colleagues.

Last month, I was thrilled when asked to introduce my executive summaries of Family Business Review articles, in The Practitioner Wednesday Edition. I’m equally excited to present another assemblage of recaps for you today. Narrowing my selection to only three was no small task, since each of the articles is incredibly strong and certainly worthy of a closer look. But I think you’ll find the three I’ve chosen to be a wonderful representation of what FBR has to offer and what we as practitioners can learn from the latest research in the field. And of course,

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