The Latest Thinking from Richard Beckhard Practice Award Winners


The Practitioner likes to look forward, especially in a Leap Year. (See last week’s blog on New Year/Leap Year), but…looking backward is also fun. And… appropriate in 2016 as FFI celebrates its 30th anniversary.

So in keeping with The Practitioner’s eponymous name linked to the Richard Beckhard Practice Award, The Practitioner thought our readers might enjoy seeing, hearing and reading the latest thinking from some of the Richard Beckhard Practice Award winners.

Joseph Astrachan (2000) co-authors an article using initial findings from a global survey of the world’s largest family businesses in “In Harmony: Family Business Cohesion and Profitability.”

David E. Bork (1998) discusses “Family Constitutions and Other Related Matters” in a recent blog.

Fredda Herz Brown (2002) writes about “Evolving in Changing Times” in a recent Trust & Estate issue.

François M. de Visscher (2003) is the author of one of the most popular Practitioner articles ever! Don’t miss “Alternative to Private Equity: Partnering with the family office.”

Kelin Gersick (2007) shares his thoughts on the history of FBR in a recent Practitioner article, “FBR Then and Now: An interview by Cynthia Nalevanko”.

James Olan Hutcheson (2009) discusses “Is there a vaccine for the family business disease?” in a recent blog.

Dennis Jaffe (2006) is co-author of Cross Cultures: How Global Families Negotiate Change across Generations to be published in the spring. Listen to this video discussion on family business culture and how family members communicate and achieve growth.

Ivan Lansberg (1995) gives his take on family business culture in this video.

Peter Leach (2011) presents a comprehensive manifesto for family-owned businesses in a co-authored new book Indian Family Business Mantras.

Marion McCollom Hampton (2013) discusses her Native American heritage and how it influences her work with family companies.

About the contributors

Joseph Astrachan
Kennesaw State University

David E. Bork
Family Business Matters

Fredda Herz Brown
Relative Solutions

François M. de Visscher
de Visscher & Co.

Kelin Gersick
Lansberg·Gersick & Associates

James Olan Hutcheson

Dennis Jaffe
Helping Enterprising Families

Ivan Lansberg
Lansberg·Gersick & Associates

Peter Leach
Deloitte UK

Marion McCollom Hampton
BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors

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