Campden Wealth Launches Top 75 Global Challengers Study on Family Businesses

In 2015, Campden Wealth conducted a private study on the Top 25 100% wholly-owned family businesses to profile their DNA and the drivers of their success. We found that the average family business in the elite league was established in the 1920s, employed 56,000 individuals and had yearly revenue of USD20.5bn.

Despite a worldwide search, the Top 25 was made up entirely of family businesses from Europe and America. There were businesses from Asia-Pacific that passed the revenue requirements but failed on the 100% family ownership, having given up some of the equity to fund growth.

Looking at the external drivers of success, we found a focus among the businesses on providing basic consumer products to large markets globally and an emphasis on promoting family ownership as a strategic differentiator for consumers with branding that echoes family values and trust.

Internally, we found that these family businesses are committed to solid governance at the board level, and achieving a balance of family members and outsiders with strategic skills is key.

This year Campden Wealth seeks to understand the dynamics of medium-sized family businesses. Our new study, called the “Top 75 Global Challengers,” once again looks into the operational, organizational and governance elements of the businesses, and focuses especially on family businesses that have achieved significant growth between 2013 and 2015.

The study culminates in a list of the top 75 fastest-growing multi-generational “Global Challengers” which will be published as a supplement in the winter edition of our magazine CampdenFB. For the top businesses, this presents a unique opportunity to showcase achievements in terms of growth and core strengths while also providing an occasion for the high-performers to gain recognition and publicity.

We are inviting family business advisors to nominate family businesses showing significant growth between 2013-15 to be shortlisted to appear on the list of the Top 75 Global Challengers.

To qualify, family businesses should have:

  • Yearly sales between USD200m – 3bn
  • At least 50% of the share capital owned by the family
  • At least the 2nd generation of family involvement in the business

Qualifying businesses will receive an invitation to complete a 15-minute survey. This invitation will mention the advisor that nominated them, with the agreement of the advisor. Advisors who make five or more nominations will also be acknowledged in the final report.

Nominations are now open and will close on August 15. Please follow this link to submit your nomination.

To learn more about this study, please click here.

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