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FFI Practitioner: June 2, 2021 cover

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The weekly FFI Practitioner issues are part of the overall FFI strategic objectives to be a community of thought-leaders in the advising, consulting, and research fields, while at the same time promoting public awareness of the many dimensions of multi-generational family enterprise across the globe.

Today we are highlighting an overlap of these goals with an issue that features presenters at the virtual conference who are also popular authors and interviewees in FFI Practitioner. Read on for more details.



The FFI Virtual conference takes place on October 18 and 19 and look who’s presenting!

Monday morning, October 18

Marta Widz and Benjamin Firmenich will present on “Perpetuating the Family’s DNA of Sustainability and Resilience: Next Generation’s Impact Investing”

Marta Widz

Benjamin Firmenich

Go here to read Marta’s article illustrating how Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and taste company, has utilized their concentrated family ownership and governance model to navigate worldwide crises.


Pramodita Sharma and Sanjay Sharma will present on “Embedding Sustainability in Family Business: The Role of the Family Business Advisor”

Pramodita Sharma
University of Vermont

Sanjay Sharma
University of Vermont

This session will play off their newly published book, “Pioneering Business Families Sustainable Development Strategies.” Pramodita is a frequent contributor to FFI Practitioner. Go here to read her two-part interview with John Davis on the 40th anniversary of the Three-Circle Model.


Peter Jenner and Salvatore Tomaselli will present on the UE-funded SPRING project, discussing The Third Leadership Challenge for Family Businesses

Peter Jenner
William Battle Limited

Salvatore Tomaselli
University of Palermo

Go here for an interview with Salvatore on “The Family-in-Business Model Canvas.”


Monday afternoon, October 18

William Kambas, Linda Mack, and Natasha Pearl will present on “Every Sustainable Family Enterprise Needs a Perimeter Fence.”

William Kambas
Withers Bergman LLP

Linda Mack
Mack International

Natasha Pearl
Aston Pearl

Go here for Natasha Pearl’s article on “How to Preserve Wealth? The Answer is Infrastructure.”


John Davis will present on “Surviving the Turbulent 2020s as a Family Enterprise.”

John Davis
Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

In addition to the two interviews referenced above, watch for an upcoming article from John in FFI Practitioner.


Tuesday morning, October 19

This half day seminar, “Managing Ethical Dilemmas in Family Business,” will be led by Rania Labaki, Christopher Robichaud, and Wendy Ulaszek. It is limited to 25 attendees, so register today if you are interested.

Rania Labaki
EDHEC Business School

Christopher Robichaud
Lansberg Gersick & Associates

Wendy Ulaszek
Lansberg Gersick & Associates

To listen to Rania’s interview on the occasion of her receiving the 2020 Barbara Hollander Award, go here.

FFI Practitioner: June 2, 2021 cover

View this edition in our enhanced digital edition format with supporting visual insight and information.