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This issue of The Practitioner features three podcasts – two from the Family Business Review and one from The Journal of Management Education. The FBR podcasts include a conversation on a recent article on the Cluster Model for understating a family firm’s entrepreneurial behavior over generations. The second podcast is an interview with the co-author of the recipient of the FFI 2014 Best FBR article award. The third podcast is from a related field, management education, and discusses an important topic in family enterprise consulting — responding to crises that affect organizations.

Here are the podcasts for this issue:

Toward the Cluster Model: The Family Firm’s Entrepreneurial Behavior Over Generations
Nava Michael-Tsabari talks with FBR assistant editor Karen Vinton about the entrepreneurial behavior of a multinational family firm over generations. The article that is the basis of this interview was co-authored by Rania Labaki and Ramona Kay Zachary and published in the June 2014 issue of FBR.

Listen to the podcast here:

Read the full article here.

Educating Students to Prepare for and Respond to Crises That Affect Organizations: An Introduction to the Special Issue
This podcast is from The Journal of Management Education and features Dr. Paul Shrivastava and guest editor Debra Comer discussing the JME Special Issue: Crisis Management Education.

Listen to the podcast here:

And… in case you missed it, here is the podcast from the winner of the 2014 FBR Best Article Award.

Transitional Leadership of Advisors as a Facilitator of Successors’ Leadership Construction
Carlo Salvato talks with Karen Vinton about this award-winning paper on family enterprise advisors, co-authored with Guido Corbetta.

Listen to the podcast here:

Read the full article here.

About the speakers:

Nava Michael-TsabariNava Michael-Tsabari is a Ph.D. candidate at Technion Israel Institute of TechnologyIndustrial Engineering and Management. Nava can be reached at [email protected].





Dr. Paul ShrivastavaDr. Paul Shrivastava is the David O’Brien distinguished professor of sustainable enterprise at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal. Paul can be reached at [email protected].





Dr. Debra ComerDr. Debra Comer is professor of management and entrepreneurship at Hofstra University. Debra can be reached at [email protected].





Carlo SalvatoCarlo Salvato is associate professor, Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University. He is a member of the FFI board of directors as well as a member of the FFI Global Education Network (GEN) faculty.




Karen L. Vinton, Ph.D.Karen L. Vinton, Ph.D. is a 1999 Barbara Hollander Award winner and professor emeritus of business at the College of Business at Montana State University, where she founded the University’s Family Business Program. An FFI Fellow, she has served on the FFI board of directors and chaired the Body of Knowledge committee. From 1997 through 2011, Vinton served on the editorial board of Family Business Review and is the current assistant editor. Karen can be reached at [email protected].



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