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Family Practitioner

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So you want to be a family enterprise professional, or you are thinking about it. Either way, if you decide to join this growing professional community, here are some things you might want to know.

A toolkit for advisors and consultants working with family enterprise clients. In these resources you will learn more about contracting, recognizing your own biases, strategies for conflict management and tools to assist family enterprises.

This research report, sponsored by the FFI 2086 Society, hopes to inspire controversial discussions among business families, their advisors, and other stakeholders.

How do we keep ourselves and our clients thriving during times of complexity and disruption? According to this week’s contributor, Eva Wathén, it comes down to resilience. Thanks to Eva for sharing this article, in which she presents the importance of taking your “strategic pulse.”

FFI has always been about excellence, fostering academic research, encouraging best practices, and inspiring professionals for more than 30 years. Each year FFI honors excellence in the field by granting academic, achievement and FBR awards.

This week’s FFI Practitioner continues our series of articles written in both English and Spanish by members of the FFI IberoAmercian Virtual Study Group. Thank you to Ricardo Mejia for sharing this case study about a client who encountered an important governance dilemma – should they focus on developing their corporate governance or family governance first?