An Interview with Peter Buffett
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An Interview with Peter Buffett

In this week’s issue Maya Prabhu, who is managing director of the Coutts Institute, Coutts & Co. in London and also runs the Coutts Forums for Philanthropy, interviews Peter Buffett about his unique upbringing, his thoughts about joining the family business, his approach to philanthropy, and his advice to families of wealth. Peter, an Emmy … Continue reading

Research Applied: <i>FBR</i> Summaries for the Practitioner
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Research Applied: FBR Summaries for the Practitioner

We continue our series of Research Applied with summaries and practical applications of two articles on philanthropy from the September Special Issue of FBR: Social Issues in the Family Enterprise Does Family Involvement Make Firms Donate More? Empirical Evidence from Chinese Private Firms Firm Philanthropy in Small and Medium-Sized Family Firms: The Effects of Family … Continue reading